<font color='#0000ff'>SAKURAKIM! China? Korea? Japan?</font>

<font color='#dd0000'>Autumn</font>

SAKURAKIM! China? Korea? Japan?
4 July, 2009
Water Sprinkling Festival
Black Dragon Pool's Specialties
If You Love Her...
Baisha Old Town
Shuhe Old Town
Dayan Old Town
I will pick up hot chicks, but not do pickled vegetables!
Accosting is great and pretending is glorious in SAKURAKIM!
<font color='#ee0000'>Discount Card</font>
Gone too Soon
Say Hello
Love Paradise
Naxi Classical Music
When You Say Nothing at all
You can Trust in Me
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Special Gourmet in Sakura
  Korean Food
  Local Fried Dish
  Fried Chicken Wi
  Fried Erkuai Bab
  Chicken Filiform
Yunnan Province
Lashihai Lake
Summer is Coming
Tiger Leaping Gorge
The First Bend of the Yangtze River
Lugu Lake
Shigu Town
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<font color='#00aa22'>Dongba Thousands-fairy Garden</font>
Dongba Thousands-fairy Garden
<font color='#0000ff'>Black Dragon Pool</font>
Black Dragon Pool
<font color='#ee0000'>The Thousand-Turtle Hill</font>
The Thousand-Turtle Hill
<font color='#bb0000'>The Sights out of SAKURAKIM Cafe & Bar</font>
The Sights out of SAKURAKIM Cafe & Bar
<font color='#bb00ff'>Glimpse of Lijiang</font>
Glimpse of Lijiang
<font color='#00aa22'>Five-Phoenix Hall</font>
Five-Phoenix Hall
<font color='#0011ff'>Small Parts of Lijiang</font>
Small Parts of Lijiang
<font color='#cc0000'>First Bend of Yangzte River</font>
First Bend of Yangzte River
<font color='#bb00ee'>White Water River</font>
White Water River
<font color='#00bb44'>Jade Water Villa</font>
Jade Water Villa
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